Today in the city Capitola 18.02.2018
Capitol Watch: Lawmakers Break, With NY State Budget to Come

In this week's New York state government news, lawmakers are taking a week off but will face their toughest work of the year when they return.

At Mid-Session, Georgia Lawmakers Take on Taxes, Transit

The Georgia Capitol is in full swing as this past week marked the halfway point of 2018's 40-day legislative session.

A Look at What's Still Alive, Likely Dead at the Capitol

Washington state lawmakers are more than halfway through this year's 60-day legislative session and have passed a key deadline to vote on many bills they seek to move forward.

California #MeToo advocate hit with new claims of misconduct

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, a vocal leader of the #MeToo movement, faces fresh allegations of misconduct, including frequent discussions about sex and alcohol c...

Trump refuses to yield on immigration, causing more division on Capitol Hill

As the Senate races to make a deal, president says that any immigration bill must include drastic changes to legal immigrationDonald Trump reaffirmed a hardline position on a prospective immigration d...

Former Secret Service Agent: Adam Schiff Is a Snake! He's the Biggest Fraud on Capitol Hill

Bongino told the morning hosts that former CIA Director John Brennan is "in a world of trouble" for lying under oath to Congress about the Russia dossier. Dan Bongino then clubbed hyper-partisan hack...

22nd West Virginia History Day Taking Shape at State Capitol

Organizers expect dozens of history groups to present displays at the state Capitol during the 22nd West Virginia History Day later this month.

West Virginia woman dragged out of capitol for reading list of corporate donors

Lissa Lucas, a candidate in this year’s Democratic primary for state delegate, was escorted out of the Charleston state house because she read a list of House members and how much they pocketed from o...

Capitol Watch: Budget Hearings, Offshore Drilling Debate

In New York state government news, legislators in Albany are wrapping up a long series of hearings on the state budget and the state Assembly takes a look at the Trump administration's plan to expand...

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